Cold Knife Vs Blood Rose ~ the dread decisions of Cervical Cancer. Blood Rose Part III

I woke up in a bloodbath after an impromptu cervical biopsy in a luxury surgery in Sydney, Australia.  I was supposed to be in safe surgical hands – but what happened in the gynecologist’s chair was an invitation to a spiritual adventure, not a medical one. When I took that road, I was to find … More Cold Knife Vs Blood Rose ~ the dread decisions of Cervical Cancer. Blood Rose Part III

Whoring the Goddess – Ayahuasca takes her revenge.

Beware ye pilgrims who be messing with the sacred medicina!  It is well past time to call this out: real people ARE dying in ayahuasca ceremonies – and not all those deaths are accidental.  The Vine of the Dead always came with a curse, so beware the cup you drink from! For more insight to Ayahuasca; … More Whoring the Goddess – Ayahuasca takes her revenge.

The Shit Whisperer

When you’ve worn out your Havaianas traipsing from yoga to kirtan via every sideshow spruker selling ways to clean your aura, change your diet, flush your poo hole, pump your chakras, cure your cancer – or your sadness – and you’re still not feeling the luurve – it’s finally time… you’re ready my friend, for a holy moment with … More The Shit Whisperer

Mr Walker’s Fingers

They sell the remote Andean paradise of Vilcabamba, Ecuador online as The Valley of Longevity – a cheap, beautiful, magical place where you can re-start your life, connect to nature and fulfill your dreams. But beware of sharks in the waters if you’re hunting for a peaceful place to relocate – all is very much … More Mr Walker’s Fingers

Eat shit and die…

It was a long ride out. About two years, in all… but the final push was a grind, lurch, scramble out of Cuenca, through sunsnakes that rose over the baked-down rubble and concrete to Guayaquil’s inconvenient bus terminal, before plonking down in the right seat on the wrong bus. There was a slight commotion that … More Eat shit and die…

Shrink, Shrunk, Shrank – the ultimate face lift.

Cuenca, Ecuador, is the gorgeous once-Inca, suddenly Colonial, and now rapidly emerging medical epicenter of life in Ecuador. The charming little city is famously aflutter with rainbows, cathedrals, moody blue skies and all manner of medical wonderments. It’s the perfect destination, in fact, for the connoisseur of health – offering everything from state-of-the-art medical facilities … More Shrink, Shrunk, Shrank – the ultimate face lift.

How to Make Yogi-Soup

Cool guy, powerful artist, teacher and transformation guru, Jamie Catto says that if you want to be delicious, you need to stir the pot! “Enlightenment is… loving the freaky, wounded creature you are – right now!”  JC Jamie Catto has done some SERIOUSLY cool stuff! Famous musician, ground-breaking film-maker, world-traveler, life-changer, world-bridger and Professional Good … More How to Make Yogi-Soup

It’s only natural

Forget your Lululemon and your botox shots, my brothers and sisters… get down to your knickers and sit under a tree, or a star – you might just find that there’s something the grass, the birds, the bark or the skidding clouds have been wanting to tell you.. After a lifetime doing just … More It’s only natural

Taking the medicine – shock and Awe in the Amazon

If you were sick, I mean really, and happened to be abandoned on a sandbank in the Amazon, would you trust a chain-smoking motorbike mechanic with a fetish for vomit and a blunt machete who turns up out of nowhere, stinking of cigarettes and says, I can be helping you if you drink thess! Deep in the ancient forests of the … More Taking the medicine – shock and Awe in the Amazon

Flower power

If mankind were offered by the gods just one more thing – a magic elixir, a secret, a piece of wisdom or a wish; here’s one scientist that would stand up immediately and shout, “Toothpaste!” Bring us a toothpaste, and make it from flowers!” You do not want to play Scrabble with Dale Millard. And … More Flower power