Vilcabamaba writers… journey to the source of your stories.

Roots Cafe, Vilcabamba

August 3 and 5.

$120 incl lunch.

Connect to the source of your writing

A transformational journey for storytellers to tap the genius at the heart of your ideas

Enjoy freedom of expression

Create energy & inspiration for your book, blog,   memoir, articles or journal.

Learn to write with the eloquence of Flow State

.. and do it all with ease & joy.

Ideal for new writers, stuck books & those seeking fresh energy, zest & motivation in their writing.

Jade is a gifted writer who knows how to pass it on. She inspires & uplifts new & accomplished writers. If you get the chance to come under her spell, consider it your lucky day.” R Hull, Director, Sydney Fringe Festival

One thought on “Vilcabamaba writers… journey to the source of your stories.

  1. Hello Jade,
    I am in Vilcabamba right now and I am very interested in joining your writer’s workshop. I couldn’t find you on facebook, and don’t know how to go about signing up, or if there is any space available. Please email me and let me know. Thank you. -Olivia

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