Love bird

There was a story once, about a girl so in love, and so confused, that even though the man she adored was near her every day,

she never




his attention.

Years and years went by before, one day, she found herself beside him and, even though she was tattered from the heavy seas of her life, and knew the sails of that great adventure had long since passed… she bridled up her leaping heart and found the courage to speak.

Strangely enough, he knew all about her.

He knew how many trees lined the path to her door. He knew how the river curled around her house, and how, every September a Pegasus would crash out to sea from the beautiful wilds of the lovely Hacking River, shaking her windows and churning her heart.

He told her that all of life was chance after chance to learn to die.

He said the greatest gift of any story was to learn to lose oneself completely. He said, not only grief, but sweetness passes – so live tender, and above all things, drink deeply of love’s great cup. Life is not for ever, it is for learning that great beauty; of risking all for love, and being able still to let it go.

This is a poem for the one she dared love next.

He is

under  a tree,

turning a stone

with his square fingers.

soaking up the moss, the lichen,

damp secrets of the storied ground

to compose into bouquets

for his quiet



He is

under the sun,

blades of gold

upon his lovely shoulders,

as clouds compose their petticoats

into pouts and thigh and tender curves

to paint

across the broad dune of his back.


A little bird

watches him

through a frame of living wood,

holding its breath

to listen

for his.


The little bird


all its feathers recomposed.


It tilts its tiny brown head

to one side lightly

and drinks

a view of him

shot silver

with lace of web and pretty dew.


This bird,

quiet as feathers,

grows large for one sweet moment

and then explodes

into a firework

of song.








7 thoughts on “Love bird

  1. Hello Mr, of course you love it, it’s about birds!
    It is actually just a twig from a poe-tree i decided to write in pieces instead of trying to draw the whole thing.. i hope it works that way.
    Thank you for your always wonderful being there.

  2. Beautiful … this brings in the interplay of interconnectiveness of Oneness. From the mountain peak to the tip of the pin and back again. Wherefore we search yet never find because of the blind eye. Blink. Life changes.

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