Write of Passage: a 3-day journey to the heart of your writing in Denmark, West Australia July, 2015

Denmark write of passage july 2015b

July 11, 12 & 15th, (with a writing assignment between meetings)

11.am – 3.30pm in beautiful Denmark, WA, $350

Specific focus on your writing idea, personal feedback on work in progress,  guidance on genre, structure, voice & key skills for powerful writing. This is a course for those with a burning idea.

Limited places.

writing19Stories have a living architecture which the writer must discover.

When your story reveals its’ innate design, the genre, voice, structure and style begin to flow with ease.

This 3-day course is a lighthouse for those with a writing project to bring home. It will guide you to clarity about your project and inspire you to write with enthusiasm.

You will connect to the genius behind your idea, discover the heart of your project, clarify its genre, structure and find the right voice to write in.

Using your own new work, and focusing on your specific idea, you will deepen your connection to your writing project, be able to name it and see it unfold on the page. You will learn to harness creative energy, polish skills in creative technique and write with eloquence in flow.

This is a vibrant and empowering journey for those on the brink of a new work, or looking for a creative shove into the beautiful ride of loving the writing.

Only Four Places Left.


Contact me at  jade.gently@gmail.com

One thought on “Write of Passage: a 3-day journey to the heart of your writing in Denmark, West Australia July, 2015

  1. Hi Jade I would love to attend your writers course, are you having any closer to Perth towards the end of this year. Thanku. Bev

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