Write of Passage – a transfomational journey for writers, in Bali

Stories have a living spirit which the writer must discover. It is this energy made conscious that is the true power behind beautiful writing, and the inspiration that turns a simple idea into gold.

Freefall Ubud General masthead1

Ubud, Bali      January  21, 22 & 24        US$250

Includes lunch & refreshments

Earlybird Jan 15  US $210


Book or ask at   jade.gently@gmail.com

This 3-day course is a lighthouse for those wishing to tell powerful stories with ease & eloquence. It draws on techniques from Classic Journalism, Caroline Myss’ work in archetype, myth & human development, and key skills in creative & non-fiction story work.

Harness your creative energy, find and free your voice, add powerful skills in expression, to tip over into the beautiful ride of loving writing.

This course will change the way you write forever.

“Jade is a gifted writer who knows how to share it. It’s like she sees into the soul of your story and helps you bring that to life.”    R. Hull, Sydney Opera House.

“Jade Richardson draws deeply down upon the smoking subterranean Demons of her experience, and continues to write like an angel, teach like a prophet, and push aspirant scribes beyond their limit.” R. Eaton, Psycho-analyst, Ecuador.

“Jade is a truly natural teacher. Her experience is wide and deep and her method will encourage a creativity that will stay with you a lifetime.” G. Stevens, Bali Spirit Festival Team.



One thought on “Write of Passage – a transfomational journey for writers, in Bali

  1. Looks truly inspiring Jade. Wish I could be there. Just recovering from another stay in hospital. I hope to get back into my writing and am thinking of recommencing my studies in Environmental Science. Hope all is well with you and all the best for your upcoming course. Love Liz

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