So, you want to be a shaman…


So, you want to be a shaman?
Or you think the one who advertises those ‘services’ has safe hands for your journey.
Stop. Become still. Listen…..

The beautiful truth of the wisdom way is that it can never be bought or sold.

It will come to you, if it is your time, softly on featherfeet, or loud like outrage and thunder.

The wisdom way is the way of the wild. It can never be bottled. It will never issue certificates. It is the way of rare beings among us who carry that lightning with care.

The reason for this…. is that the warrior and the shaman, the archetypes of the healer of culture will always be exiled by the tribe. 

And that is how you will find them.

Look At the edges.
Step off the path.
Seek between leaves.

The wise ones will always stand at the edge of the pack.

They will not boast about initiation, nor parade their scars and tattoos.

They choose the wild over the marketplace, and silence over ecstatic dance – always.

They are often forced to the fringes by those who cultivate ordinary social benefits. They grieve more than they hunt out orgasm or popularity… they know the medicine for our humanity is more sobering than all that.

The warriors and shaman know.
They smell more refined scents on the wind, and on the breath of the world.

They carry the special magic of transformation and death, rebirth, which is taboo to the world builders until there is crisis.

This is why it is so difficult and dangerous now, to find true magicians and oracles… all those who peddle these gifts from inside the normal bounds of social life Do Not Possess them. 

They are wishing for the dangerous status of warrior or shaman without taking the essential rite of exile.
They seek leadership and influence from inside the safety of normal community life, but the real job is to become masterful at navigating the grand, dangerous void of all that is wonderful and terrifying Beyond what we know to be true and safe. 

Impeccability is, in many ways the difference between healer and warrior- the warrior is impeccable but the healer is unafraid of the mess.

11 thoughts on “So, you want to be a shaman…

  1. “They are wishing for the dangerous status of warrior or shaman without taking the essential rite of exile.” Wow, the whole it is powerful and beautiful. Thank you.

  2. emmmm how do I get in touch with you? have read through a few of your articles and just feeling to connect in as so much of your writing is offering a lot of truth and resonance – really hope to hear from you somehow ❤

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