A beautiful crack in the Earth…

The secret of the beauty way…. is that the pain that comes to slay you, is always the rough magic of the powerful hand that can raise you, up and graced by yonder light.


Much of your pain is self-chosen
It is the bitter potion
By which the physician within you
Heals your vision and strengthens your compassion.

When that medicine stirs, seek not the comfort of the crowd, nor a ‘cause’ to champion.

Beware of those who claim to cure you,
for they may rob you of the genius that is struggling to be born.

Beware of those who aim to recruit you to their tribe of healed or healers,
for the ‘special’ are those who feast upon the wound, and who fear the truly wise.

Know first….
the inevitable hand that churns the well within us will first raise up the poison;
Sour seed for alchemy.

The remedy is stillness.
The tincture made; tranquility 

You will be made to ride the tempest of the opposites
the fare is grief and sweat.
You will be made to take the hollow road
and take initiation
in the ancient caves of suffering..

The crowd will thereby shame you, the mob may turn its back.

You will taste the strange fruit of wilderness;

the rage of exile and the thunder of the void.

… and from this stark place, 

the theatre of becoming, you may find that golden sword,

the brilliance of your true soul, not traded on the market, but steeled by something fierce.

Should you arise,
Having done your own work
in abiding
in earning the invisible 

You may walk out, stooped, but radiant one dawn
And receive life’s great treasure:  
the quivering death by beauty.

And hence slayed;
you choose:
for samurai, saint, sage or simple lover of all things tao… all the robes and gowns are yours to wear
once you are throned in that exquisite peace
Which settles after storm.

9 thoughts on “A beautiful crack in the Earth…

  1. Beautiful. Lyrical. Reminds Ferron, benighted with a languid, aching late summer longing. Very nice music!

  2. Jade – really enjoying your soulful writing. Still admire your honesty, very much !!!

    _Chris Cafe Andino // La Cima Logistics Huaraz ________________________________

  3. As though Life will bring us situations in which the primary solution is to choose to turn away from mere vanity, to an essential beauty within that heals the once hidden pain of ‘the beast’ – with this comes a depth of transformation? A marriage of beauty and power that some may christen grace?

  4. Very beautiful, Plutonian. Not doing that in this blessedly Taurean incarnation, but appreciate those who let me read about it.

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