Magical Circles for Writers

Weekly spellings in Ubud, Bali, are on offer for the rest of 2018.

Come, stir your creative soup, discover the beauty of your true voice, meet other writers, free stuck stories and polish the powerful craft of beautiful writing.

Most Mondays, 2pm – 5.30pm

Email or ask here for all the info.

All levels welcome. All Mother tongues included (though we work and share in English). All kinds of wonderful things unfolding.

~ * ~

   “There is a special magic at Jade’s Creative Writing Circles.

I feel like I’ve been given the keys to my Kingdom.” 

Zoe Langman, Bali, 2018

story circle2



5 thoughts on “Magical Circles for Writers

  1. Hello, yes – next one this Monday.
    Would you like the info?
    Here’s from last week… “Totally mind-blowing. This work has changed everything for me. About my writing, and my story. Jade is the embodiment of everything I was hoping for in a guide and mentor.” S. Berzog. Ubud.
    Not bad… 🙂
    You’re welcome to come and try.
    Also – there is the day-long workshop tomorrow on Dark Matters – I posted it on my site here also.

  2. Hi there… Mmm… How can I find you to send the info? The circle is in Ubud on Monday mornings – are you here? There are day writes weekly, also – maybe email or bookface?

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