Dark Matters ~ the creative gifts of a troubled life

A one-day workshop for writers, teachers, mentors, those with stories stuck inside them, and those who seek that path less traveled … the treasure you seek is always inside the cave you fear to enter.

What if… the gifts you seek are hidden in the petals of your own dark stories?

Thursday February 1
10.30am ~ 5pm in Ubud, Bali.

lunch and refreshments provided.
Limited places

Depression, anxiety, addiction, shame, grief, obsession, loneliness, anger, betrayal, confusion, apathy and loss…. what if these are not the stories we need to leave behind us, but the ones that make us fit to bring wisdom, creativity and beauty to the world.

What if… your real purpose is not to heal, but to turn your true life adventure – its sorrows, horrors and wonders – into story, and insight, and share that with the world?

What if… it’s not so much the story you carry that hurts you, but the creative power that’s trapped inside it?

                                                                              ~ * ~

This is a journey through writing, creative arts, story, myth, symbolism and the archetypes that run deep in our biology and personal biographies to retrieve the magical seed of your actual true story.

It is a life-changing day inside the caves, forests, wastelands and castles of your own real life story in order to find the treasure you were born for, and the demons that guard it. You will leave you refreshed, inspired, relieved and aware that it’s easier than you think to discover your path… even if it’s a but messy to start with.

Using writing, sharing, creative free flow and other adventures, along with insight to mythology and the secret powers of language and story, you will discover your true voice, its proper meaning and how and why to share it.

~ * ~

What writers and guides on the mythical path know is that our true gifts are hidden inside our deepest wounds. We teach that the treasure of a lifetime is coming to know that your best self is not the one that ‘would have been’ ‘if only things had been different’.

It’s the one made rich, made wise, made unique by dark times, by depression, grief, abandonment and betrayal.

Because that’s the source of your true power ~ if only you knew how to use it.

Tapping to truth of your story, discovering what seed you actually carry, and providing that with soil and light is the adventure we are all born to take.

Free that energy – and you’ve got something truely powerful to work with. Respect the wisdom of your own suffering journey, discover its gold, and how to share it – well, ow you’re on the way to a truly free and creative life.

“Jade holds a magical gift ~ she knows – in an almost scary way, how to find the genius that’s hiding in you and how to birth it too. Working with her will change your life ~ if you get the chance, just take it!” Richard Hull, Sydney Opera House.


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