On trying to come home…



No, thank you,
I don’t want another glass of your fancy shiraz
While you lecture me on climate change
And the horrors of plastic bags
And cotton buds.

I don’t really think your worm farm
Proves much.
And your aboriginal art collection
Is a living piece of voodoo.

Yes, it’s all so very worrying
Isnt it..

The reefs, the fish, the forests and the indigenous people

.. we were trying to tell you that

30 years ago
While you were busy
Making bank
And establishing your perch
In the hen house…

And rolling your eyes at
Us poets and dreamers and tree huggers.

It’s so very easy now
For you to be appalled
By it all
When it’s all the rage
And costs you nothing
And any dingbat can see it.

And no… it was a shock to precisely
That you voted in bullies and haters
As your presidents and prime ministers

You do get
The rulers you deserve.
And until YOU
Are willing to say that # you too
Have prospered from all of this
And theft
And benefits of your class
And your school tie…

I would rather
Have open head surgery
Out in the wild
Than take your medicine
Of wine and quinoa fucking salad

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